Let’s Go Out and Play with Danny Boy! (Film)


Looking back, I guess I took this series 3 years back? Time flies. I love the colors on this series! After watching the pretty boy Danny rise and shine, we go out and play! Pictures taken by LC-A and my lovely Fisheye2!

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The sunny boy enjoyed the sunshine so much! Oh and not forget to give the credit to the bubble, the Diana Mini, the awesome weather, as well as the colorful playground which took an important role as it’s adding in lots of color into the picture! And here’s Danny in my fisheye! 🙂

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Oh I especially love this one a lot! Hehe.


With the bubbly personality as what you seen him on tv show, he’s such an easy person to work with! Here’s the end of the part 2, while part 3 we are going into supermarket and shop for junk food! 🙂 Stay tune!


Eva Eva


Oh, Good Bye April!


1. Start baking all over again after so long. Everybody needs a hobby, right? 2. The perfect sunset scenery at home, the thing I miss the most when I’m away from home. 3. Mama Lemoon sis turns 32. She glows on her birthday! 😉

24. Yogurt ice-cream at Damshui, Taipei. This is super delicious! 5. A short weekend road trip to Ipoh for a casual couple photoshoot for the couple, Deric and my best friend, Meemee. Will blog about it really soon! 6. Analogue photography day!

37. Hello Carrot! Welcome to sleep with me every night! 8. My first “bian-dang” inside the train while I’m heading from Taipei to Luodong. 9. Passport: check, New Taiwan Dollar: check. I’m ready to fly!

410. LOVE-I’m-at-101Taipei! 11. Cameras and films I bring along with me for my 14 days trip to Taiwan! 12. Back hometown during the weekend and have fun playing with nephew boy! He’s superb adorable!

513. Rainbow village at Taichung. I love this colorful place! 14. Latte time at Burps and Giggles, Ipoh. 15. Oh well, it couldn’t be any worst than this, I met with an accident during my trip to Taiwan. Fortunately nothing serious, I’m (almost) all good now!

April to me would be mainly about my Taiwan trip and little things I did at home. Time flies, it’s May now! Stay tune for my blogpost about Deric and Meemee’s photo shoot as well as my Taiwan’s adventure coming up next! 🙂


Eva Eva