1, 2, 3! Who turns 3?

My dear baby Nana,

Today you turns 3!

1233 years ago you came into our lives and touched our hearts. You are overly active, strong-willed, talkative and very mischevious. By the age of 3, you still fancy bus over soft cuddly toys. Your favorite food is eggs, all kind of noodles, ice cream, cheese and chocolate cakes. As much as I wish you grow bigger and taller, there are times I wish you are still a tiny baby that stick with me all the time. You talk so much now that sometimes I wish you are still a baby where you only giggle and laugh when I talked to you. You run so fast now that sometimes I am out of breath chasing after you. I want you to know that no matter how big you are, you are and always will be my baby.

L1080609L1080613L1080615L1080621L1080626L1080628L1080635L1080640L1080646L1080600L1080657L1080662L1080665L1080679L1080684 copyL1080682 copy

On a good day, you will ‘request’ to help up (or mess up) with some household chores now. You helped up to hang the clothes, to mop the floor, to wash your own bowl after snack, to help washing the vegetables, to help baking cakes or cookies, to help to throw rubbish into the dustbin, and many other small little things in daily life when we asked you to do. Even if most of the time I will still need to clean up after you, but I want to let you know that mummy is proud of you.

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I’m very grateful to be your main caretaker as I can be there to witness all your growth. Sometimes you are smart, sometimes you are cute, you like to sing when you are doing something; creating your very own lyrics, you like to dance and dance and dance and dance, you are a social butterfly that never seems to go out of energy. People always notice you when you are around, coz you are either very noisy talking about everything in a very sharp loud voice, or you are crying out loud over a small matter. Though sometimes I do feel embarrassed, I will keep reminding myself that it’s alright to be as loud as you want to be for now. Just go ahead and be what a 3-year-old should be.


By the time you turn two, you start testing my limit every single day. Sometimes you make me so mad that my fire is burning. But behind all the hurricane, occasionally you will tell me “I love you very much” and kiss me on my cheek. Some days soon you will not kiss me as often or hug me or even ask me to play with you; but no matter what happens, I’m always there for you like I did in the past 3 years.

You are my weakness and my strength. I love you with all my heart.

L1090531 copyL1090555

26 June 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday my baby girl.

L1090547 copy

We survived 3 years together! More to come. 😉


Your Mummy.

Images taken at various places using Leica Q and some with the build in self-timer.

Spring at Osaka & Kyoto, Japan

March/April 2017.

I’ve yet touched down this amazing land my whole life, and everyone who knew I’m heading there already warned me that once you did, you will fall in love. That’s true. That’s really true. I’m back with my heart so full.

Since parenthood hits me, I’ve always there, stand by for my daughter. It’s been a very tough period for us, as to cope with a new life, with all the new priorities. We felt that this vacation is really important for us, to have a good break, enjoy meal time slowly, walk slowly or to just staring at the river empty minded. In other words, to just feel the luxury of just being alone, the two of us. I’ve been always looking forward to this trip, yet missing our daughter back home. But everything is alright and I knew she’s in good hands. Turn out, she enjoyed herself so much that she never look for daddy or mummy for the whole 9 days. 🙂

Back to Japan, we touched down Osaka hoping to have Sakura welcome us, but…NONE. There isn’t any. Apparently, the forecasts are a bit off this year due to the extraordinary weather. It’s still raining hard and extremely cold! We aren’t preparing for this. It can go down to 3 degrees at night and extremely cold and windy when it’s rain. Anyway, we still hope for the best for at least a glimpse of the Sakura before we leave. And 2-3 days before we fly off back home, we finally catch a glimpse of it. 🙂


Tired from the overnight flight. But, hello Osaka!




Everything looks really appetizing in Japan!



Night at Dotonburi.



Long queue, always and forever.

We spent our days at two cities, Osaka and Kyoto. Needless to say, Kyoto is amazing. Osaka is pretty cool as a city, but to me, Kyoto indeed mesmerizing! We spent a day in Osaka once we touched down, then headed to Kyoto the next day. First stop, we went to the Suntory Yamazaki distillery. Amazingggg experience!


Let’sssss GO!



That’s me on the other side. With my luggage. We can’t wait for the whiskey tasting. No time to check in yet. Haha.



The whiskey lover. While I’m not a fan of alcoholic drinks myself, I find it worth every penny for it. I enjoyed myself very much. Do make a reservation here preferable weeks before for the tour.



While this located nearby our Airbnb, whenever we pass by it’s always a long queue. We checked online to find out it’s serving some fancy desserts.



Wrong focusing, but plenty of people taking wedding/couple/family portraits by dressing traditional kimono here.



Sakura oh sakura. Why aren’t you blooming yet.



All the yummy food at Nishiki market. We literally stop by there every day. To grab some Oden, snacks and some yummy sashimi.


And for cheap lunch, drop by these small udon place.



Good hot coffee is very much needed on this cooling spring weather.


My view.


His view.




Hello, Fushimi Inari Taisha. Ticked one off the bucket list.



We are up! Worth all the steps!F1020030bF1020029b



Golden hour.



The sunsets are particularly amazing that day. It’s so beautiful.



Next day we head up to Arashiyama.



The well-known bamboo groove. Despite the busy crowd, it’s actually pretty cooling walk around here.



It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.



Connected from the bamboo groove, we walk over to this amazing view. It’s all sakura’s buds. Can’t wait for it to bloom. It’s going to be so mesmerizing.


I would definitely come back for a visit in the future for this view. Autumn season would be great as well.


Since it’s a peak season, it’s so crowded, but it’s still worth our visits. We spent almost the whole day there and we enjoyed to slowly stroll around and just enjoy the scenery.


% Arabica Arashiyama. It’s such a longggggg queue! We can’t get a chance to taste it because it’s raining soon. Maybe next time perhaps?


Hi handsome 😀



On our “romantic train ride”. The Sagano Scenic Railway.



My picture can’t justify the journey. It’s breathtaking.


Since it’s a romantic ride, we shall have a picture together. 😀


No planning for the day. We just explore the Kyoto town with our small bike!



One of the oldest coffee shops. The old couple owners are really friendly and cute too.



We sit down there, by the river. To day-dream.



Catch a glimpse of the Sakura finally! But sadly we are leaving Kyoto already.


The big man with a small bicycle.



We are so heavy hearted to leave Kyoto. I love this city. 🙂



And we are back to the busy Osaka city!



Good morning, Kuromon Market.



I can’t believe we visited this Instant Ramen Museum. HAHAHA. And we queue to DIY our own instant ramen! Hahaha. But that’s because it’s a rainy day, so we got no place to go. Hmm.



The final full day in Osaka. So we visited the castle.









The weather is great that day.



Thank you Osaka. You’ve been really great too.


Japan, we will definitely be back.

This series were taken by using Canon F-1, Canon AE1, Lomo LC-A+ and LC-Wide loaded with various films.

p/s: It’s been awhile since the last I shoot with films. It’s strange and unpredictable. I like this feeling. 😉


Eva Eva

The Amazing Two

My dear baby Nana,

On 26 June 2015, you made me a mother. On 26 June 2016, you turned 1 year old and today you are turning 2.


Where does all the time go?

In this year, you learned how to walk, run, jump, talk, sing, speak, communicate, draw, read books, make friends, bite and push other kids, greet, said sorry and thank you, being compassionate and expressing yourself. You are developing your own little character throughout your first birthday until today. You are demanding, sometimes annoying but yet you are very loving. You impress me every single day on all the tiny little milestones that you achieved. I’m truly grateful that I’m there, to be with you, to witness all of them and to teach as well as learn together with you.

You speak Malaysian English, Cantonese and a little bit of Mandarin. By age of 2, you can speak a short sentence with 3 different languages. You are truly Malaysian.

You still hurt yourself every now and then because sometimes I’m not fast enough to run towards you and protect you. You are very petite in size as to compare to your age and sometimes I get comments from strangers as if I starve you and ate all the food myself. Sometimes we eat out when I’m too lazy (or frustrated to cook). There you might have eaten some msg or whatever seasoning that isn’t good for your health. Sometimes I ignore you because I’m too tired (or lazy) to response. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not a perfect mother. But I’m trying to be as good as possible, to love and to protect you with everything I have.

Thank you for calling me “mummy mummy mummy” endlessly. Thank you for giving me a pat on my shoulder when I told you “mummy is sad”. Thank you for letting me sleep in a little bit more in some days without waking me up and greet me with your charming smile with your best “good morning mummy” greeting every morning. Thank you for kissing me good night before you go to the bed. Thank you for loving me wholeheartedly every minute every second until you need to peak on me when I’m on the toilet doing my business. Thank you for running towards me and hug my leg when I’m in the kitchen cooking our meal just because you wish I can sit down and play with you. Thank you for giving me a thumbs up on the food I cook for you. Thank you for testing my limit and challenge my patience. Thank you for giving me joy and laughter. Most of all, thank you for being my friend and spending these beautiful moments with me.


26 June 2017.

Happy 2nd Birthday my baby girl. You are and always will be my baby.


Your mummy mummy mummy.


Images taken at various places using Lomo LC-A+ & LC-Wide loaded with various film.

You made me a mother

26 June 2015.

My dear Nana, you made me a mother.

It’s been the most stressful,  intense, challenging but absolutely wonderful year. The days are slow, but the years are fast. In a blink of an eye, from a tiny little newborn baby to this cheeky little girl. I can’t believe how you have grown from day 1!

The very first moment when I saw you, I remember I said: “oh my god, oh my god”. I held you in my arms, you were laying on my chest. You covered with some fluids which make you look a bit greyish, and you are very fragile. You did not cry it out loud by the moment you are here, you look calm which not the same case when you were grown because you cried hysterically most of the time. Hahahahahaa.


I have to admit it is not love at first sight. It’s strange. It’s not how I imagine it would be. You seem like a stranger to be, but yet you are somebody very close to me. It’s strange. Life was so hard, it’s getting really tough. I’m new to everything; breastfeeding, taking care a baby, changing diapers, bathed a newborn, all my hormones runs up and downs. Even all the baby products overwhelmed me. There are days where I broke down, I feel that I wasn’t ready being a mother.

Days by days were gone, the strange feeling getting lesser and lesser and I started to cope with my life with you. Every day I hope I could provide you the best I can. Never in my life that someone ever made me feeling so. But for you, I’m willing to do so. And they said, you will finally understand how does it feel to be a mother when you are a mother yourself. When you are gifted with a baby, you are gifted with a super power as well. There’s nothing you can’t do for your kids. Even with all the stress and difficulties, as well as all the midnight pumping and nursing, I choose to continue to provide you mother’s milk no matter how difficult it is. I hope it’s nutritious enough to build you stronger. It’s not an easy journey, but I make it through for a year already now and might still continue on. I’ll let you wean it off on your own automatically when the time comes.

3G1C4342 copy.jpg

My dear, you have no idea how many sleepless nights both me and your father went through after you were born. We were frustrated, feeling fatigue, very tired at work but all these feeling was gone, when we came home after a long day at work and play with you. You grow up to be very cheeky. You enjoy people’s companion. You likes to play with elder kids/babies and enjoy laughing and smile all the time. It’s so priceless to us, no matter how tired we are, your smiles brighten up everything. You might be too young to understand how does the real world is, I hope you can continue to be as innocent and as curious as you are as a baby. And you have no idea how much joy you bring to us since the day you arrive.

Thank you for being part of our life. You change my life, you make me discover an inner part of myself that I have no idea it actually exists. You made my life so meaningful. And most importantly, you made me a mother.

13241651_10153916768049667_683447161_oCredit goes to our friend, Stephen Yap @ RS Studio for this image!

26 June 2016.

Happy 1st Birthday, oh my baby Nana.

Stay healthy and happy always. We will always love you. Forever it will be.


Your mother.





Kayden turns ONE!

Kayden boy turns one!

Few years back I’m shooting Pat & Loon’s engagement photos; last year shooting Pat’s maternity and just a blink of an eye, Kayden boy is one. 🙂


They drop by last weekend for a super express photo shoot. Without any studio lighting (hence all these shadows) and simple props prepare by Pat. The shoot starts and ends in maybe 30 minutes? Super express one.


And here comes the special guest – Nana! Hahahaha!

Anyways, hope Kayden had a blast celebrating his first birthday today; and to Pat & Loon, congrats on surviving one year of parenthood! Cheers to many more exciting years to come.

Happy Birthday, Kayden Boy!


Eva Eva Yiyi 😀