Kenneth + Rachel (Film)

Kenneth and Rachel gonna tie the knot this coming weekend! Sweet. 🙂 It was a prompt photo shooting where I decide to tag along during one lovely Saturday. As what I remember, it was one gloomy Saturday but the couple make it a “hot” one by posing together with the sexy Triumph in fire red! Damn cool I tell you!  The series was taken by LC-A and Lubitel 166B. Enjoy and congrats to the newly wed! 😉



Kok Wei : A Guy On A Ride (Film)


It’s a prompt shooting of Kokwei and his BMX’s portrait at a car park during late at night! 🙂 Fun! This portraiture was taken using LC-A and LC-Wide. 🙂

The Dorall’s Family Day


The get-together Sunday for the Dorall family members! Super warm family all dress up in white and having lots of fun moments at the garden! Love it when Aidan was trying to feed his baby sister ice cream and ended up dirty her face. Precious moments. 🙂 This was a project work together with Numb9r back then.


Abigael Turns 1!


Adorable Abigael turns 1! Yes, she’s the cutie little baby in this post where her elder brother – Aidan celebrate his 4th birthday. I would say it takes a lot of effort for the mother and father of the kids to decorate the restaurant for the kid’s birthday party. It’s all hand-made and some was special customisations. Creative person! Happy birthday baby Abigael! This was a project work together with Numb9r back then. 🙂



KinTat + Jane (Film)



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Few shots taken for the lovely couple using my Lomography camera- the LC-A as there’s too much to focus when you taking pictures with the digital camera as well. Hehe. Check out the digital version of the couple shots here. Oh ya, the couple is expecting a baby boy this Feb! Congrats to the couple! 😉 Enjoy.