High Five!

My baby girl, today you turn FIVE.

In a blink of an eye, you become such a big girl now. You are wayyyy more talkative than ever before. You are the same sensitive and sensible child. You always reasoning with us, asking why, answering why, explaining your own excuses, basically, you talked like a grown up. You are great in maths. You enjoy doing some mathematics questions with your daddy. You starts to even control daddy’s and mummy’s financial. Opening our wallet, counting how much money do we have and what we can afford to buy you as your birthday present.

You become soooo feminine now, wearing dresses all day everyday. And out of so many dresses you have, you only wear that particular two dresses ONLY. And if I browse back all the images I taken for you, most of them you are wearing either one. And this yellow polka dot dress is one of them. You like to keep your hair long, always ask me to help you braid your “let it go” hair. Sometimes you even pretending to do your “make up” before leaving the house. While being so feminine and all, you still enjoy playing with all your buses, cars and other vehicles. 

You are daddy’s little rainbow and mummy’s little joker.

There are days when you woke up feeling grumpy, shouting, crying and scolding everyone over small matters. But there are days when you woke up feeling happy all the time and being a truly happy and helpful child at home.

This year, while the whole world is experiencing the pandemic and during the 3 month lockdown of our country, the 3 of us stuck at home all day everyday 24/7, sometimes It’s difficult to all of us, but I do think that it’s very grateful to be able to stay healthy and to stuck at home, together, where some people out there in this world do not have that luxury to do so. During this period, we do all sort of things together, we plant our own beansprout, try out all sort of new recipes together, baked lots of cakes, made pizza together, you have your first online class and I have the time of my life teaching you mandarin..Hahaha! it’s indeed gonna be beautiful memories in the years ahead. 

Today, you turn five.

You been counting down to this day ever since January. And because of the social distancing SOP, we can’t have a party for you at school with your friends, and we can’t go to your favourite park or playground to have some fun, but daddy and mummy promise will bring you to have a nice gateway after all these ends. Let’s have fun by then.

Baby girl, even though Mummy being very firm to you sometimes, but I want you to know that Mummy love you with all my heart. ❤

Stay happy and grow big!

Daddy Mummy Love You ❤

Happy 5th Birthday to you.


Mummy mummy mummy

Images taken at home using Leica Q.