Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes

For those who know me well, I always spare my “second stomach” for dessert. I’m a chocoholic whereby I enjoy indulge into any types of chocolate dessert, well and that’s for sure including cupcakes. I decided to spent my Monday to fix my craving for cupcakes!

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Online recipe checked. Ingredients bought. So let’s make some cupcakes! Woohoo!

P1160371 copy

P1160373 copy

Well, I did not manage to get the cupcakes tray yesterday, so I googled and had this quick fix if you do not have the tray at home in order to bake the cupcakes. It’s pretty easy to make and useful. All you need is some aluminium foil.

P1160374 copy

Mixing all the ingredients together and once it’s well combined and fluffy, it’s good to go!

P1160379 copyP1160381 copy

Baked my first batch and it’s smell good. 🙂

P1160386 copy

P1160394 copy

I made the frosting for the cupcake as well. Since I do not have any tools at home to squeeze the frosting, so I just use the A4 paper for the deal. It works fine, but it will dirty your fingers easily. 😛

P1160388 copyP1160396 copy

P1160398 copy

Frosting “nicely” squeeze on top of the cupcakes! Haha, I know I know it’s really ugly, it’s my first time. Lacking of experience-mah! 😦

P1160400 copy

One final step: putting some choco rice “generously” on top of the frosting. Yum, I love a lot a lot a lot of them!

P1160411 copy P1160413 copy

And it’s DONE! 🙂

P1160416 copy P1160426 copy P1160427 copy

Perfect for the tea-time. Yummmmm! Tasted it and I love the combination of the fluffy cake and the sweet chocolate frosting! Might as well reducing more sugar intake for the frosting part as some of my family members and friends aren’t sweet tooth as what I am.

P1160404 copy

Anyways, that’s my Monday project this week and feel free to text or call me up for free tasting! I made a dozen of it today, so while stock lasts! Haha!


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Good Morning : Danny Boy! (Film)


Good Morning! This series have been well kept in my computer for years and thank goodness for “spring cleaning”, I manage to dig this out. I would say that this gonna be one of my fav series of all time, (what makes it more beautiful than watching a cute guy getting up, rise and shine? *wink*).

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Well, let me introduce you this cute guy (drooling), he’s our Danny Koo (許佳麟) who is well known as Danny Boy who is one of our local broadcast television; Astro’s host. He’s been hosting numerous TV shows and programs, and being really friendly and humorous exactly like who he is on TV. I HAD LOTSA FUN. Hehe. Check out his Facebook page as well as his YouTube channel as he did a lot of cover for some the popular pop songs to-date. Very interesting MV as well.

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After washing up, we went out to the playground. Hehe. Stay tune this space, and the pictures will be up next! 😀


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