It’s Film Photography Day Today!

It's Film Photography Day Today!

Aloha analogue photography fetish! Today, 12th April 2013 marked the “Film Photography Day”! So how ya spend your day?

Well, with nothing much on going at home today, I decided to clean up my cameras and just then, I decided to have a series of “portraits” for them. With a digital camera on hand, and a superb dirty corridor, here goes the shooting section. I grab some shoots using my Lomo cameras as well (LC-A and LC-Wide with instant back) but I guess it will take sometime for me to be able to showcase the pictures. So without further ado, let’s check out some of my camera collections in digital first. 🙂

Oh btw, do ya love my kodak film vintage bag? It was once my dad’s. 🙂

lasardinafisheye2_01 lcwide lubitel01 lubitel02 lubitel03 spinner fisheyebaby01pop9 diana belair

In case you are curious on which one is my favourite, my LC-A (refurbish) would be the one. My LC-A hardly disappoint me, if it does, it gives me more courage to go even further. 😉 It’s not the one who started my Lomography journey, (it’s the Fisheye) but anyhow, it does go through a lot of beautiful moments with me together. Hugs and kisses, my dear LCA.


And last but not least, I wish you guys have fun (working/studying/analogue-ing) today!


Happy Film Photography Day!


Eva Eva


Abigael Turns 1!


Adorable Abigael turns 1! Yes, she’s the cutie little baby in this post where her elder brother – Aidan celebrate his 4th birthday. I would say it takes a lot of effort for the mother and father of the kids to decorate the restaurant for the kid’s birthday party. It’s all hand-made and some was special customisations. Creative person! Happy birthday baby Abigael! This was a project work together with Numb9r back then. 🙂



Aidan Turns 4!

Aidan Turns 4!

It’s really fun to shoot a kid’s birthday party where there’s tons of positive energy running around you! It’s been a great pleasure to be able to be part of Aidan’s 4th birthday party at Penang Island. This was a project work together with Numb9r back then. 🙂