This Sums Up My 2013

2013, it’s been a really bumpy year for me. They said it’s because of the turn point of 29, where there will be lots of obstacles. Which is so true in my case, I had a major change in my career and life. This dramatic changes in life gives me so many space to imagine and to execute my imaginations into something real even thought it’s not a smooth journey. Anyhow, it’s a good one, it’s been a great year.

To count my blessing, my sis give birth to my little potato nephew, a new member in the family which is the most happiest thing that ever happen to me in this year. He’s super duper adorable, hyper-active and a very naughty baby! He’s now the king of the family. He grow up very healthy and he started to walk in his 11 months. He’s going to be a great man in future. And in one week time, he’s 1 year old! ๐Ÿ˜€


Hello Potato Boy. You look blur here XD


And the charming innocent face of a baby? Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Few of my close friends getting married this year. Ah Gui, Mee Mee, Ah John, Tuck Foong and few other buddies as well. Besides, some of the close friends married, get pregnant and giving birth as well! My lovely Jane (Rex-Rex), Edmund (Zhi Hin), Ah John (John Junior), last but not least Mee Mee, who is just giving birth to his beloved son (Ham Ham) today. I will be visiting Ham Ham later today at the hospital. At the age of (almost) 30, friends are getting married one by one, starting up their brand new life with their brand new family, I’m really touch and so happy for them.ย On the other hand, I realise we are all getting older and wiser now.


And yea, I stop working for Lomography. It’s been an awesome journey with the team. I live the life as how before I join the team. To have more stress-less sleeps at night, to be more laid-back and to walk with a slower steps. And because of that too, I have more time for myself. I take a long break this year, to learn the art of doing nothing (:P) and to learn something new. I bake cupcakes during my free time, I learn to do some leather projects as well. Somehow this gives me some satisfaction while killing some free time. I read more, I started to buy more books to read. I start up; to showcase some of my projects. Anyway, to be part of the Lomography team is somehow something I’m very happy of. I learned a lot, I saw myself grow.ย Besides, I had one last appearance representing Lomography Malaysia earlier this year at NTV7’s breakfast show, summing up my 2012. ๐Ÿ™‚


A new friend I met from the show who happens to be my neighbour (ohmygodmyjawdrop & thisworldissosmall) and two beautiful host of the show.

On the leisure part, I went to a two-weeks backpacking trip at Taiwan this year. Taiwan is indeed a very awesome country. Unfortunately I met a minor accident during my stays there in Taiwan, and some plans/itinerary of the trip change. Yea, 29, obstacles. Sigh. Anyways, I go thru it and I still manage to enjoy myself there, with a slower steps and meet some new friends along the way. (Will blog more about this Taiwan trip.) Then I went to Indonesia twice this year, one to the Lake Toba with my unimates and one to Bali, to celebrate my big 29th birthday with Alex. It’s my 2nd time to Bali and this round we only stays at Kuta, did nothing, laid back, sleep a lot, and eat whole lot of awesome food. It’s a very relaxing holiday indeed.


Yea, I’ve been wearing my polka-dots slippers for the whole trip as I hurt my leg and it’s pretty swollen to wear a shoe ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


But it’s really beautiful in Taiwan.


My happy friends at our Lake Toba’s trip/gathering. ๐Ÿ™‚

Had numerous of photo-shooting this year and I had lots of fun clicking the shutter! And, I get a new SLR for myself (yeahhhh!) and now I’m still in the process of getting used to all the settings and things like that. Can’t wait to share more of my work with the SLR here.


Ahh, and I became a one day actress in a video shooting on the Papercranes’s Malaysia Workshop hosted by 3PM. Haha, the outcome is super cute, but I’m too shy to show it here. ๐Ÿ˜€


Oh and, I start driving. ๐Ÿ˜€ I manage to overcome my fear on the road. Well, when you believe you can, you CAN! Good bye (super sucks) public transport. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to forget some new friends I met along the way, and the bonding time with my Lomo overseas friends as well.

And last but not least, I gain (whole) lot of weight this year. God, my resolutions for 2014 remain the same – To Lose Some Extra Kilos. ๐Ÿ˜›


To sums up my 2013, it’s tough; but it’s a meaningful year to me. I’m looking forward to a better 2014.ย Happy New Year 2014 to everyone who stop by and saw this, enjoy each and every moment as if it’s last!

C010882-R1-16-17 copy

Lots of love and kisses,

Eva Eva


Doubles With You

It’s my 7th year since my first hands on a Lomography camera. Since then I try to create some analogue projects along my analogue journey. The best one would be “film swapping project” with Lomo-buddies around the world! It’s such a joy to be able to meet so many friends virtually and some in reality just because, we are all into something similar – the analogue photography.

Film swapping with friends could be very exciting and intense as the results might be “damn” great or in another way round. Failure will leads to disappointment, and because it’s taken by 2 lomographers (or more), so the disappointment will equally apply to 2 person. ;( It definitely doesn’t feel good, but accident happens sometimes, and analogue photography is indeed unpredictable.

On the other hand, when the pictures come out nicely; in the sense of both exposure is accurately overlapped nicely, it’s already pretty good. And as a bonus there might be shots in the roll that could surprise us a little bit.ย Anyhow, it’s really amazing how two person in another place (or country) shots on the same exposure on different time with different kinds of mood and feelings, but came out nicely overlapped. Ahh, this little miracle feels so good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s some hand picked film swap lomographs taken by me and my lomo-buddies. Enjoy!

adi adi2 adi3 adi4 adi5 adi6 adi7evaeva x adi (Malaysia X Indonesia)ย 

Ameerul Syafiqevaeva x ameerul (Malaysia x Malaysia)ย 

ccwu ccwu2 ccwu3

evaeva x ccwu (Malaysia x Taiwan)ย 

eastmoe eastmoe2

evaeva x eastmoe (Malaysia x Malaysia)ย 


evaeva x hakimbo (Malaysia x Singapore)ย 

kaho kaho2 kaho3 kaho4 kaho5

evaeva x kaho (Malaysia x Hong Kong)ย 

meerly meerly2 meerly3

evaeva x meerly (Malaysia x Singapore)ย 


evaeva x rispta (Malaysia x Malaysia)ย 


Last but not least, my fav picture among all. ๐Ÿ˜‰


evaeva x weijie (Malaysia x Singapore)ย 

It’s gonna be my long term project; and if anyone happens to be interested in swapping the film with me, do message me up. I would love to create something with everybody ๐Ÿ™‚


Eva Eva

Edmund + Yinlai = Zhihin

Let me introduce you this lovely couple, Edmund a.k.a Soh Wai, his lovely wife Yin Lai and their baby boy Zhi Hin (they are expecting to meet him in person this coming Dec. ;))

Edmund is my long time buddy, he’s my schoolmate in secondary school. I’m feel very grateful to be part of this simple maternity photo-shoot for my buddy. This is my first attempt on maternity photo-shoot, I’m stress to the max but I hope everything turn out ok and wish they like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

3G1C9746 copy copy

Today, Dec 2 2013, is their 1st wedding anniversary. Time flies! I still remember exactly that very moment when I attend their wedding ceremony and wedding receptions one year ago at our beloved hometown, Kampar. I’m wishing you both have a great life together ahead, and I believe there will be even more laughter and happiness once Zhi Hin is here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love u all!

3G1C9775 copy copy

The photo-shoot took place at the same day, and we go outdoor at some park for some fresh air, and indoor for some tummy shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

3G1C9758 copy copyShe’s so beautiful. This pregnant mama glow!

3G1C0070 copy copy3G1C9892 copy copy3G1C0093 copy copy3G1C9965 copy copy3G1C9698 copy copy3G1C9730 copy copy3G1C9764 copy copy3G1C9789 copy copy3G1C9750 copy copy3G1C9841 copy copy3G1C9828 copy copy3G1C9679 copy copy3G1C9838 copy b copy3G1C9906 copy copy3G1C0009 copy copy3G1C0126 copy copy3G1C9805 copy copy3G1C9787 copy copy3G1C9780 copy copy3G1C9862 copy copy3G1C9786 copy copy3G1C0035 copy copy3G1C0024 copy copy3G1C0048 copy copy3G1C0088 copy copy3G1C0094 copy copy3G1C0097 copy copy3G1C0098 copy copy3G1C0104 copy copy3G1C9851 copy copy3G1C9844 copy copy3G1C0130 copy copy3G1C9887 copy copy3G1C9952 copy copy3G1C9903 copy copy3G1C9961 copy copy3G1C9824 copy copyedmundyinlai_cover

“Dear Zhi Hin, Eva jie jie can’t wait to meet you too. ๐Ÿ™‚ “


Eva Eva