A Beautiful Day at Sekinchan

It’s been a long long while since the last outing with a bunch of photo enthusiasm, and it’s great to be able to go places with a group of people who are in different industry but share almost the same interest and beliefs in photography. We went to this beautiful small town; Sekinchan which located nearby Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam. It took about 1 hour plus to reach this place from the place I stay. We went there during harvesting season (June, 2013) and we are expecting golden brown dried paddy instead of the green one. We drive along and finally saw some haystack which is really gorgeous. 🙂

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We went to explore the fisherman village nearby too.


Photo taken by Lomo LC-A & Lomo LC-Wide loaded with Kodak profoto XL 100, Lomo Chrome 100 & one roll of unidentify film. And my LC-A leaked randomly in the whole roll! Woots!

Beautiful weather, beautiful people. I miss going out on photo-outing. 🙂 Let’s go out and shoot, shall we?


Eva Eva


Breath of Fresh Air (Film)

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I miss you, the smell of fresh air, and the clear blue sky.

Pictures taken by LC-A, LC-Wide & Nikon FE2 at various places in Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Suffocated with bad hazy air,

Eva Eva

The Leather Project: Men’s Wallet


Well, it takes approximately a month to get this finally done! With a lot of hands on hands off, see mood, see feel and laziness crawling over my fat body. Anyways, it’s finally 90% done (without edge dyed and cutting the edge just yet) but it’s good to use now. 🙂

I took the product photo after the wallet been used up for one month plus, and the leather is turning to be a little softer and more ‘season’ kind of feel. I design the partitions on the wallet as the owner would like to keep all his card in place while remain not to be very bulky.

3G1C92883G1C9277 3G1C92823G1C92933G1C9299 3G1C9301 3G1C9305 3G1C9307

It’s my first time ever to make a men’s wallet and it’s took a lot of patience to measure, count and cut the leather nicely, while it takes some imagination on the sewing and sticking part. Overall it’s come out a bit “cacat” in some ways but I’m glad that I could actually make this by myself. 🙂

Would love to get the leather edge dyed ASAP as well as the alphabet stamping so it could add on a little personal taste on each product. 🙂 Now I can’t wait to overcome my laziness and make another new leather project! What should I do next leh? Hmm…. 😛


Eva Eva

Oh, Good Bye April!


1. Start baking all over again after so long. Everybody needs a hobby, right? 2. The perfect sunset scenery at home, the thing I miss the most when I’m away from home. 3. Mama Lemoon sis turns 32. She glows on her birthday! 😉

24. Yogurt ice-cream at Damshui, Taipei. This is super delicious! 5. A short weekend road trip to Ipoh for a casual couple photoshoot for the couple, Deric and my best friend, Meemee. Will blog about it really soon! 6. Analogue photography day!

37. Hello Carrot! Welcome to sleep with me every night! 8. My first “bian-dang” inside the train while I’m heading from Taipei to Luodong. 9. Passport: check, New Taiwan Dollar: check. I’m ready to fly!

410. LOVE-I’m-at-101Taipei! 11. Cameras and films I bring along with me for my 14 days trip to Taiwan! 12. Back hometown during the weekend and have fun playing with nephew boy! He’s superb adorable!

513. Rainbow village at Taichung. I love this colorful place! 14. Latte time at Burps and Giggles, Ipoh. 15. Oh well, it couldn’t be any worst than this, I met with an accident during my trip to Taiwan. Fortunately nothing serious, I’m (almost) all good now!

April to me would be mainly about my Taiwan trip and little things I did at home. Time flies, it’s May now! Stay tune for my blogpost about Deric and Meemee’s photo shoot as well as my Taiwan’s adventure coming up next! 🙂


Eva Eva

It’s Film Photography Day Today!

It's Film Photography Day Today!

Aloha analogue photography fetish! Today, 12th April 2013 marked the “Film Photography Day”! So how ya spend your day?

Well, with nothing much on going at home today, I decided to clean up my cameras and just then, I decided to have a series of “portraits” for them. With a digital camera on hand, and a superb dirty corridor, here goes the shooting section. I grab some shoots using my Lomo cameras as well (LC-A and LC-Wide with instant back) but I guess it will take sometime for me to be able to showcase the pictures. So without further ado, let’s check out some of my camera collections in digital first. 🙂

Oh btw, do ya love my kodak film vintage bag? It was once my dad’s. 🙂

lasardinafisheye2_01 lcwide lubitel01 lubitel02 lubitel03 spinner fisheyebaby01pop9 diana belair

In case you are curious on which one is my favourite, my LC-A (refurbish) would be the one. My LC-A hardly disappoint me, if it does, it gives me more courage to go even further. 😉 It’s not the one who started my Lomography journey, (it’s the Fisheye) but anyhow, it does go through a lot of beautiful moments with me together. Hugs and kisses, my dear LCA.


And last but not least, I wish you guys have fun (working/studying/analogue-ing) today!


Happy Film Photography Day!


Eva Eva