The Leather Project: Men’s Wallet


Well, it takes approximately a month to get this finally done! With a lot of hands on hands off, see mood, see feel and laziness crawling over my fat body. Anyways, it’s finally 90% done (without edge dyed and cutting the edge just yet) but it’s good to use now. 🙂

I took the product photo after the wallet been used up for one month plus, and the leather is turning to be a little softer and more ‘season’ kind of feel. I design the partitions on the wallet as the owner would like to keep all his card in place while remain not to be very bulky.

3G1C92883G1C9277 3G1C92823G1C92933G1C9299 3G1C9301 3G1C9305 3G1C9307

It’s my first time ever to make a men’s wallet and it’s took a lot of patience to measure, count and cut the leather nicely, while it takes some imagination on the sewing and sticking part. Overall it’s come out a bit “cacat” in some ways but I’m glad that I could actually make this by myself. 🙂

Would love to get the leather edge dyed ASAP as well as the alphabet stamping so it could add on a little personal taste on each product. 🙂 Now I can’t wait to overcome my laziness and make another new leather project! What should I do next leh? Hmm…. 😛


Eva Eva