Jeff Lim : The City Guy (Film)

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Jeff Lim, my good looking friend, who’s absolutely friendly and funny. The photo shoot held few years back then and the location took place at Putrajaya on one quiet Sunday. Everyone had fun despite the superb hot and sunny weather. Oh btw, Jeff is one of the 8tv host, a model and co-staring at some local dramas, TV ads and short films too! Check out his Facebook page.

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The series was taken by LC-A, Holga and Sprocket Rocket with different types of films. I personally love the Sprocket Rocket series the most as it was my first roll ever. Hehe. Enjoys. 🙂




CheeMing + Eevon (Film)

CheeMing + Eevon

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday where we went all the way to Tg. Sepat for this casual couple shots. The whole series is taken by using Lomography cameras: LC-A, Sprocket Rocket and Holga. Perfect Saturday shooting with films! Enjoys. 🙂