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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It’s a spontaneous photo shoot. It’s my family photo shoot!

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It’s been a long while since the thought of capturing family portraits together at a park in my mind, but y’know things happened, dad not around anymore and everyone else getting busy with their own life. Sis gave birth to her first child – Lok Lok early this year added tremendous joy in everybody’s life in the family. Lok Lok is almost at his 8 months during the photo shoot. This little potato grows up very fast!

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In conjunction of the mid-autumn festival few days back, mom plan a trip to PJ, while brother is back as well. So, I think it’s really a good timing to head to the park and get few clicks done for a simple family photo shoot!

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(Well, true story…)

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In love with this scene and it’s feels really autumn to me. Enjoy my own sweet time posing with my ukelele. Hehe.

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The whole set captured by Alex – my lazy photographer and I’m really grateful that he’s here to capture my family portraits. Thank you, you are awesome! 🙂

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It’s been a long while since the last time we had a “proper” family photo, and we wish dad is here too. We miss you, dad. 🙂

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All pictures taken by Canon 5D MarkIII with an awesome 35mm f1.4 lens by Alexander Gan. 🙂


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Hello! I’m Eva, an (sunny) image maker based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Here’s a little extra about my humble achievements and appearance on the media & press for the past few years.



Gia Gia Kua Kua Exhibitions : Group Exhibitions, Simon Tan Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia. (Dec, 2008)

Doubles with You : Group Exhibitions, Lomography Hong Kong Gallery Store, Sheung Wan, HK (Nov, 2010)

Toy Camera Exhibitions : Group Exhibitions, The Print Room, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Mar, 2012)

The Steps I Take: Group Exhibitions, The One Academy Penang (Sept, 2012)

We Still Shoot Film : Group Exhibitions, Photo Crafts, Kota Damansara, Malaysia. (May, 2013)


The One Academy, Sunway (Nov, 2011)

The One Academy, Penang (Sept, 2012)

Nottingham Photography Society (Nottingham University), Semenyih (Feb, 2014)

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Women’s Zone (NTV7), (Sept, 2010)

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Mandarin News (8TV), (Oct, 2012)

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The Breakfast Show (NTV7), (Jan, 2013)

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Sin Chew Newspaper: Sunday Special – Lomo (Jun, 2009)

The Star Newspaper : When Film Prevails (Aug, 2011)

Let’s Travel : Broga Hill (June, 2010)

Citta Bella : Bella Feature (Aug, 2011) 

Spotlite: Feature (July, 2012)

iFeel Magazine: iFeel Lifestyle – Job Finder (Aug, 2012)

JUICE Magazine: Feature (Sept, 2012)

Cutout Magazine : Favourite (Vol 03, Issue 01 – Feb 2012)

Cutout Magazine : What’s in a Desginer’s Bag, Favourite (Vol 03, Issue 02 – May 2012)

Cutout Magazine : Favourite (Vol 03, Issue 03 – Sept 2012)

Cutout Magazine : Interview, Favourite (Vol 04, Issue 01 – Feb 2013)

Vintage Book, Tsubaki x Transasia (Jan, 2014)

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Lomography: Lomo Amigo (Dec, 2010)

Cutout Magazine: Speak Now (Jan, 2013)

SOMENICEFRIENDS: People Interviews (Dec, 2013)


I’m keen on all sort of collaborations, capturing memories, from casual pre-wedding shots, family/group portraiture, to all sort of special events. Please drop me a message at for rates & appointment. 🙂


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