Doubles With You

It’s my 7th year since my first hands on a Lomography camera. Since then I try to create some analogue projects along my analogue journey. The best one would be “film swapping project” with Lomo-buddies around the world! It’s such a joy to be able to meet so many friends virtually and some in reality just because, we are all into something similar – the analogue photography.

Film swapping with friends could be very exciting and intense as the results might be “damn” great or in another way round. Failure will leads to disappointment, and because it’s taken by 2 lomographers (or more), so the disappointment will equally apply to 2 person. ;( It definitely doesn’t feel good, but accident happens sometimes, and analogue photography is indeed unpredictable.

On the other hand, when the pictures come out nicely; in the sense of both exposure is accurately overlapped nicely, it’s already pretty good. And as a bonus there might be shots in the roll that could surprise us a little bit. Anyhow, it’s really amazing how two person in another place (or country) shots on the same exposure on different time with different kinds of mood and feelings, but came out nicely overlapped. Ahh, this little miracle feels so good. 🙂

Here’s some hand picked film swap lomographs taken by me and my lomo-buddies. Enjoy!

adi adi2 adi3 adi4 adi5 adi6 adi7evaeva x adi (Malaysia X Indonesia) 

Ameerul Syafiqevaeva x ameerul (Malaysia x Malaysia) 

ccwu ccwu2 ccwu3

evaeva x ccwu (Malaysia x Taiwan) 

eastmoe eastmoe2

evaeva x eastmoe (Malaysia x Malaysia) 


evaeva x hakimbo (Malaysia x Singapore) 

kaho kaho2 kaho3 kaho4 kaho5

evaeva x kaho (Malaysia x Hong Kong) 

meerly meerly2 meerly3

evaeva x meerly (Malaysia x Singapore) 


evaeva x rispta (Malaysia x Malaysia) 


Last but not least, my fav picture among all. 😉


evaeva x weijie (Malaysia x Singapore) 

It’s gonna be my long term project; and if anyone happens to be interested in swapping the film with me, do message me up. I would love to create something with everybody 🙂


Eva Eva


It’s Film Photography Day Today!

It's Film Photography Day Today!

Aloha analogue photography fetish! Today, 12th April 2013 marked the “Film Photography Day”! So how ya spend your day?

Well, with nothing much on going at home today, I decided to clean up my cameras and just then, I decided to have a series of “portraits” for them. With a digital camera on hand, and a superb dirty corridor, here goes the shooting section. I grab some shoots using my Lomo cameras as well (LC-A and LC-Wide with instant back) but I guess it will take sometime for me to be able to showcase the pictures. So without further ado, let’s check out some of my camera collections in digital first. 🙂

Oh btw, do ya love my kodak film vintage bag? It was once my dad’s. 🙂

lasardinafisheye2_01 lcwide lubitel01 lubitel02 lubitel03 spinner fisheyebaby01pop9 diana belair

In case you are curious on which one is my favourite, my LC-A (refurbish) would be the one. My LC-A hardly disappoint me, if it does, it gives me more courage to go even further. 😉 It’s not the one who started my Lomography journey, (it’s the Fisheye) but anyhow, it does go through a lot of beautiful moments with me together. Hugs and kisses, my dear LCA.


And last but not least, I wish you guys have fun (working/studying/analogue-ing) today!


Happy Film Photography Day!


Eva Eva

Good Morning : Danny Boy! (Film)


Good Morning! This series have been well kept in my computer for years and thank goodness for “spring cleaning”, I manage to dig this out. I would say that this gonna be one of my fav series of all time, (what makes it more beautiful than watching a cute guy getting up, rise and shine? *wink*).

000010 000011b 000013 000014 000016

Well, let me introduce you this cute guy (drooling), he’s our Danny Koo (許佳麟) who is well known as Danny Boy who is one of our local broadcast television; Astro’s host. He’s been hosting numerous TV shows and programs, and being really friendly and humorous exactly like who he is on TV. I HAD LOTSA FUN. Hehe. Check out his Facebook page as well as his YouTube channel as he did a lot of cover for some the popular pop songs to-date. Very interesting MV as well.

000018 000020

After washing up, we went out to the playground. Hehe. Stay tune this space, and the pictures will be up next! 😀


Eva Eva


Jeff Lim : The City Guy (Film)

000011 000009

Jeff Lim, my good looking friend, who’s absolutely friendly and funny. The photo shoot held few years back then and the location took place at Putrajaya on one quiet Sunday. Everyone had fun despite the superb hot and sunny weather. Oh btw, Jeff is one of the 8tv host, a model and co-staring at some local dramas, TV ads and short films too! Check out his Facebook page.

000034 000033 000032  000030

000008 000038 000039 000040 000041 000042



00 01 03 000003a 000003b  000006

The series was taken by LC-A, Holga and Sprocket Rocket with different types of films. I personally love the Sprocket Rocket series the most as it was my first roll ever. Hehe. Enjoys. 🙂



Kenneth + Rachel (Film)

Kenneth and Rachel gonna tie the knot this coming weekend! Sweet. 🙂 It was a prompt photo shooting where I decide to tag along during one lovely Saturday. As what I remember, it was one gloomy Saturday but the couple make it a “hot” one by posing together with the sexy Triumph in fire red! Damn cool I tell you!  The series was taken by LC-A and Lubitel 166B. Enjoy and congrats to the newly wed! 😉